Cache Cuisine Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer and distributor of lactose, kosher and nut free specialty food mixes. Based out of Toronto Ontario we supply clients internationally, U.S.A., Central America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Our products feature either a ready to use application, or a simple, add water only preparation, eliminating inconsistency, additional ingredients, and lowering preparation costs. 


We are committed to producing the highest quality and most user friendly food mixes in the foodservice industry and are currently working on packaging and specialty items in order to enter the retail sector in grocery stores all across Canada.

Add water only, Lactose free Belgian Waffle Mix with an available free waffle baker exchange program, Premium Pancake mixes, Sweet & Savoury crepe mixes, Beer flavoured add-water only fish batter, are just a few of our specialty items.  Value added products such as ready to use Italian Zesty Italian Seasoned Panko, Southern Style Chicken Breading, Pub Style Wing Breading and Southern Style Flour Mix, enable restaurants to produce fresh, great tasting, high quality food, without worrying about consistency and with a fraction of the labour previously required.

All of our products are kosher and Nut-free and are formulated around the needs of operators and their staff.  All featuring either a ready to use application or, a simple, single step add water only preparation, making them easier to handle thus eliminating inconsistency and any other additional ingredients, lowering labour cost, lowering food cost, featuring increased longevity, therefor lowering and in most cases eliminating wastage.

Our products also feature a quicker cook time at lower temperatures, thus speeding up turn-over time and lowering operating costs and increasing productivity and therefore sales.

There is a great deal of research and development which goes into every single one of our products in order to ensure they are of the highest quality and that your needs and expectations are not only met but, exceeded.